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Why do we SPEAK?

Hearing personal accounts from ovarian cancer survivors helps put a face and voice to the disease. This not only illustrates the real life subtleties of its symptoms and often delayed path to diagnosis but also makes the information especially memorable. The purpose of SPEAK is to raise awareness of the disease and increase the public’s understanding of ovarian cancer symptoms so women seek medical advice sooner. Ultimately, the goal is to save lives through the early detection of ovarian cancer. During each free presentation:

• Ovarian cancer survivors discuss the myths, facts, symptoms, and risk factors of the disease.

• The opportunity for questions and discussion foster an interactive atmosphere.

• Audience members receive informative literature for future reference and to share with others.

Presentations range from 30 to 60 minutes and can be adjusted to suit each organization’s needs.

"We received great feedback about the event, from both the male and female population.  Based on the volume and nature of unsolicited reactions to the presentation, it was one of the best Enlight-n-Bites we've had.  Our people were shocked at the realities of the disease, appreciative of the knowledge, and have since shared the information with friends and family members."

Karen Davenport, Human Resources Director, KUKA Robotics - North America

To educate the women of our community about ovarian cancer, please host a SPEAK presentation.


Many Michigan survivors participate with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance’s innovative educational program, Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives®. The purpose is to help future healthcare professionals – physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers and physician assistants - increase their understanding of ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors so they are better able to diagnose the disease in its earlier, most treatable stages.

Since 2002, this program features ovarian cancer survivors sharing their experiences and first hand information about the disease. Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives® is now active in nearly 150 medical schools, hospitals and healthcare training programs nationwide, including many in Michigan. A recent attendee commented:

"Your group is outstanding - it all comes from the heart, and I think you all do a remarkable job in sending the messages that are necessary for physicians, medical students, and paramedical personnel to hear."

Rudi Ansbacher, MD, MS