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Established in 2011, the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance strives to save women's lives by promoting the early detection of ovarian cancer and improved treatment outcomes.  MIOCA raises awareness of ovarian cancer, provides resources and support to survivors and their families, advocates both locally and federally, educates Michigan communities, and funds innovative ovarian cancer research.

MIOCA in the news

MIOCA is searching for its first Executive Director

MIOCA is hiring their first Executive Director. This is an exciting opportunity for someone to bring their professional fundraising skills and ideas to a group of incredible volunteers and solid foundation. We are looking for a solid leader/manager who can bring out the best in their team and bring the organization to the next level. 

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration of the organization. The Executive Director has demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of administration and has maintained a high level of performance.  

Please visit Amy Cell Talent for more details about this meaningful way to make a tremendous difference here in Michigan.